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Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center

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Since 1988, the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center has played a key role in providing one of the building blocks to a good quality of life by feeding food insecure individuals and families all across our community.

The Food Center is one of three food banks in the state. Every year, the Food Center distributes the equivalent of 2.4 million meals to more 80 food pantries, shelters, child care centers, community meal sites, and programs for the elderly. These member agencies in turn provide food and meals to 21,410 men, women and children throughout New London County each month. The Food Center's Mobile Food Pantry program feeds another 1,000 households, on average, each month at its distribution sites.

The Food Center is an official Partner Distribution Organization (PDO). This status ensures a partnership with the Connecticut Food Bank in East Haven, the largest food bank in the state, to provide a product allocation based on poverty levels as determined by the census.

One in five children in Southeastern Connecticut is food insecure and a U.S. Census Bureau study indicates that 19,000 people in our region are living below the poverty level. When children do not have the nutrition they require, the ramifications are vast. They have a difficult time concentrating in school, putting their education in jeopardy. Their current and future health is at risk. And they may bear witness to stressed parents who struggle with how to stretch their income to meet all the costs of living.

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Many thanks to the following funders for their grant support of the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center and the Mobile Food Pantry program:

Bank of America, Charter Oak Federal Credit Union, Chelsea Groton Bank, Citizens Bank, City of New London, Connecticut Food Bank, Dime Bank, Frank Loomis Palmer Fund, Jewett City Savings Bank, Liberty Bank Foundation, ShopRite, and the Rotary Club of Mystic.