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Local Egg Farmers Donate 32,400 Eggs to Food Center

Moark, LLC is helping in the fight against hunger by donating more than 216,000 eggs to Connecticut Food Bank, Foodshare and United Way of Southeastern Connecticut during the month of March. On Monday, March 11, Moark made a delivery of 32,400 eggs (or 2,700 dozen!) to the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center. The Food Center's partner feeding sites were immediately on-hand to pick up the eggs and distribute to their clients.Egg Donation from Moark

Pictured in the photo at right are: Tom Reynolds, Interim Vice President of the Food Center; Katherine Sebastian-Dring, Food Center Working Leader; Virginia L. Mason, President & CEO of United Way of Southeastern Connecticut; Nancy Rossi, Co-chair of the New London County Food Policy Council; and Jim Kraucunas, Retail Merchandiser, East Division, of Moark.

This donation is part of a nationwide effort to provide fresh eggs to those in need. U.S. egg farmers are donating nine million fresh eggs this year, bringing the total number of fresh eggs donated by farmers since 2008 to 69 million.

Families continue to struggle to put food on their tables, leading more and more to turn to food assistance organizations across the country for help. In fact, more than 50 million Americans live in food insecure homes. In New London County, more than 19,000 people are living below the poverty line while one child in every six is food insecure.

"Moark is proud to be partnering with United Way of Southeastern Connecticut to provide much-needed protein to the most needy in our community, especially during the Easter holiday season," said Bob Hodges of Moark.

Among the most needed items at food assistance organizations are sources of high quality protein, such as fresh eggs. According to the USDA, one large egg delivers six grams of protein and 13 essential nutrients such as choline, folate, iron and zinc. Additionally, the USDA concluded in 2011 that the average amount of cholesterol was 14 percent lower and vitamin D content was 64 percent higher than previously thought.

“Year-round our generous farmers donate fresh eggs to their local food assistance organizations,” stated Chad Gregory, president and CEO of United Egg Producers. “We come together during the Easter season to give a little extra and make fresh eggs available to food insecure families across the country.”  

Consumers can also participate in the nationwide effort by going to and pledging to buy UEP-certified eggs. For every pledge received, United Egg Producers will donate one carton of eggs to a local food assistance organization.