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4 Ways to Live United This 4th of July

Happy Independence Day! Cookouts, fireworks, and outdoor fun are par for the course, but you can make your holiday a little more meaningful with these four ways to Live United.

  1. Prepare Care Packages, Write Thank-You Letters to Soldiers Abroad, or Support Military Families

A letter or care package can mean a lot to someone serving in the military, even if they don’t know you. And it’s important not to forget about their families at home, who deal with the emotionally difficult task of living without their loved one. Check out a list of vetted charities that support soldiers and their families here.

  1. Donate Food to Nonprofit Organizations

While many of us will be enjoying 4th of July cookouts with friends, family, or neighbors, it’s important to remember that many people in our country- and in our local community- struggle to afford food. The Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center provides everything from canned goods to fresh produce, working with our local pantries and social service agencies and striving to ensure that people in New London County don’t go hungry.

  1. Organize a Post 4th of July Clean-Up

All that celebrating can end up making a mess! Take pride in your community by picking up litter in your local parks or other public spaces.

  1. Learn About Mission United

Mission United is a United Way initiative that helps veterans navigate the services available to them upon their return, and supports them through their transition to civilian life. Learn more about Mission United here.


Live United,