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Talking About United Way

Has anyone ever asked you what does United Way do?

The framework below will set the stage for discussing United Way. Once you share this framework you can explain your connection to United Way and why you give and volunteer and what it means to you. Always extend an invitation to people that are interested in learning more about United Way to visit our website, follow us on social media, and/or volunteer with us.

MISSION: To inspire and coordinate the generosity and commitment that sustains a united, thriving community.

VISION: United Way envisions a community united in its efforts to ensure that individuals and families achieve their full potential.

  • Your contribution, when combined with gifts of others, makes a powerful impact and supports a vital, local network of health and human services that work together to help those in need.
  • A single gift to United Way will address many challenges in our community and affect hundreds of thousands of lives.
  • Supported programs include early care and education, child development, employment training, physical and mental health care, crisis intervention, shelter, emergency/disaster preparation, and response and recovery service.
  • United Way operates the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Center which provides food and household items to more than 70 free emergency food programs. United Way also supports 2-1-1 Connecticut for free information and referral 24/7 and Project Warm-up for one-time, emergency heating assistance.
  • United Way also administers the New London County Fund to End Homelessness, New Capacities: Norwich project to increase the number of financially stable households in that town, the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP), and FamilyWize RX Discount Cards.

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