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Need Help with Your Energy Bills?

If you need help with your energy bills, TVCCA Energy Assistance Program can help. The agency has three intake sites - two in Norwich and one in New London. All household members must provide the following:

  • Social Security number and date of birth (birth certificates are not necessary);
  • Proof of all gross income for the 4 weeks prior to your appointment time;
    • Unemployment history print out
    • Child support, alimony
    • Pension, social security
    • Paystubs
  • Most recent complete bank statements (checking/savings accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds, IRAs);
  • Most recent rent receipt or mortgage statement;
  • Most recent complete utility bill; and
  • If you heat with a deliverable fuel, please provide the name of your fuel vendor.

Call for an appointment at 860.425.6681. No matter what your primary heating source is (oil, kerosene, coal, propane, wood, wood pellets, electric, or natural gas), TVCCA can help. Applications are accepted through May 1.

For more information, visit