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Summer Health Tips

Enjoy the warmth and sun of summer, but consider these warnings. Not only can some medicines be harmed by heat or sunlight, but you can be harmed by the sun when you are taking certain medications.

There are several risks related to sun and medicine. In a nutshell these include:

Sun-damaged drugs - medicines can become less effective when exposed to heat, which means they won't work as well. Be sure to read the labels and ask your pharmacist about the best way to store your medicine.

Phototoxic reactions - You may have a reaction that can be dangerous resulting from taking certain medications and exposure to the sun. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist when taking medicines and follow the directions for medicines that cause phototoxic reactions. Avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen.

Photoallergic reactions - Some medications can cause allergic reactions that cause skin reactions. Be sure to ask your pharmacist about the medications you are taking and take precautions with sun exposure.

Be sure to talk to your doctor or pharmacist when you are taking medicines and be healthy while you are enjoying the summer sun. For more sun safety tips, visit the FamilyWize blog. And use your familywize savings cards for every prescription. Download a free FamilyWize prescription savings card at