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Equitable Outcomes for Thriving Children Grant

We're launching three Equity Grants for 2021-2022 to three new partners!
United Way has partnered with three programs that drive positive change and improve outcomes for children and youth of racial and ethnic minorities in Groton and New London. Under this grant, these programs will take the next year to modify existing programs to improve outcomes, increase equity, and expand services to allow all of our children and youth to thrive! Congratulations to our Equitable Outcomes for Thriving Children recipients:

The Friendship School

The Friendship School in Waterford, CT is implementing a new reading initiative called “Books and Beyond”. This initiative will provide engaging learning opportunities for students while in school and support for parents and families so that they may continue their child’s literacy growth at home with stories that represent diverse perspectives. The school’s goal is to ensure all its 2021-2022 kindergarten students make significant progress towards meeting school readiness goals by the end of their kindergarten year.


The S.T.E.P.S program uses after-school workshops, and curriculum focused on young women empowerment to breakdown the societal barriers that prevent young women from reaching their full potential. Topics such as self-esteem, self-care, positive mental health, leadership, life skills, and college/career enrichment are explored with the participants. With this grant, the participating young girls will be able to attend college tours, engage in community service, and connect with women from the community to talk about their careers, as well as participate in STEAM & STEM Saturdays.

New London Youth Affairs

New London Youth Affairs (NLYA) is a Youth Service Bureau that promotes positive outcomes for children, youth, and families by supporting a wide range of comprehensive services and collaborations. As a recipient of this grant NLYA will improve outcomes for racial and ethnic minority children through the NLYA Early Childhood Family Center. The Family Center will address school readiness by supporting families' basic needs, guiding children in achieving developmental milestones, administering the ASQ developmental stages survey, identifying/addressing developmental delays, and facilitating preschool placements.