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United Way’s  LIVE UNITED  Initiative supports the recovery and rebuilding of communities across the world and right here in Southeastern Connecticut.

COVID-19 has exacerbated challenges facing the most vulnerable, especially in education, financial stability, and health. United Way has always been committed to building stronger, more equitable communities -- but it’s more important now than ever before. Now through July 15th, we're asking if YOU are ready to LIVE UNITED and join us.

Donate now to support our work!


The pandemic has reinforced the importance of taking care of each other. During this extraordinary time, our community has come together to support the people and agencies most adversely affected by the pandemic and shown what it means to LIVE UNITED. Learn more about our COVID Relief efforts here.


Do you want to get more engaged around issues of racial equity, but aren’t sure how to start? Join United Way Worldwide’s 21-Day Race Equity Challenge. It’s an easy, thought-provoking way to deepen your understanding of racial equity issues. For 21 days (June 28 – July 18) we’ll send you an email with a video, article or podcast about race and equity. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes to digest, but it’ll be meaningful. Join us and deepen your race equity understanding.

Join us in developing a deeper your race equity understanding. Register for the 21-Day Race Equity Challenge here.


In Southeastern Connecticut we’ve been taking care of each other to get through the pandemic for more than a year. Still, parents, and teachers continue to worry about learning loss, especially for low-income children of color, and people need help getting food and access to health care.

Join United Way of Southeastern Connecticut as we continue to galvanize the caring power of our community. We invite you to LIVE UNITED with us in reaching this goal. Please consider supporting this important work today.

Your donation to United Way is an investment in four key areas:

  • Community Wellness
  • Thriving Children
  • Promoting Independence
  • Basic Needs

We invite you to LIVE UNITED with us and to reach the goal of making our community ONE so that everyone in New London County gets an equal opportunity to achieve a secure and stable future.

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