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Tragedy and the United Way

In the wake of another mass shooting, we yet again find ourselves struggling to understand “why”. Why do these horrible, inhumane events like the Orlando and Istanbul Airport shootings happen, why is this fair, why, why, why? It becomes harder and harder to understand and harder to believe in mankind. As we ask ourselves these questions and grieve for those who lost their lives, as well as every person they effected, we must remember there are small, but great things that happen during the aftermath of a tragedy.

For instance, the endless amount of citizens who lined up to donate their blood or JetBlue airlines offering free tickets for any family member to get down to Orlando. The Heart of Florida United Way acted fast in aiding the victims of this terrible event. They have stepped in to support the work of the City of Orlando’s Emergency Operations Center. They have stayed up to date in relaying information from the City of Orlando to the community. 

Also, you can go to them to receive proper information on everything from where to bring flowers, how to donate blood, where to send money to donate, and even where you can find information pertaining to the victims. During times like these it is important to remember there are very, very good people out there. United Way stands for communities. When a community falls, it is our goal and mission to help pick it back up now and in the long-term.