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United Way Creates New Affinity Group for Young Leaders

United Way of Southeastern Connecticut is excited to announce the creation of a new affinity group, Young Leaders United. This group of individuals are ages 21-40 who want to get more deeply involved in Southeastern Connecticut. Young Leaders United participants will have opportunities to Give, Serve, and Inspire their local community.

The group is strongly committed to working together to help alleviate hunger and inspiring youth in the community to reach for a healthier future. The Young Leaders United are a passionate group committed to mobilizing young professionals to engage in giving, serving, and inspiring meaningful projects that make a real difference.

Young Leaders United will work to strengthen the current work of United Way of Southeastern Connecticut, supporting the organization’s goals of:

  • Fighting hunger and food insecurity;
  • Providing a safety net of services to those in need;
  • Supporting education and our community’s schools; and
  • Engaging individuals and groups in volunteering.

The first meeting of Young Leaders United recently took place under the leadership of the group’s first volunteer Chair, Jeff Hamilton, Assistant General Manager of Mohegan Sun. Jeff explained the goal of the group is “community involvement with hands-on community action. We understand that young people want to go out into the community for which they live and work and help those in need directly.”

Jeff also noted, “We realize that by providing the ability and organization for young people to help their community directly will also build the foundation of future leadership givers. There is nothing more powerful than seeing firsthand the work that your engagement in the community and charitable dollars can do. You are the future!”

Young Leaders United will be planning several events in the year ahead to help the community while continuing to engage more young professionals in the group. Some of the planned projects include distributing healthy snack packs to local schools, a canned food drive during Hunger Action Month, Lunch with Leaders, Network Nights, and volunteer projects.

To date, more than thirty individuals have joined Young Leaders United. While contributing at a certain level to United Way is encouraged, it is not mandatory. All young leaders have much to offer in terms of advocacy and volunteerism.

Interested in becoming a member of Young Leaders United? Contact Caitlin at