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United Way Relief Efforts Update

As of October 4, the United Way Network has raised more than $59.35 million for mid- and long-term recovery efforts related to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma/Maria and the earthquake in Mexico. This includes money donated to the national funds and to funds set up by local United Ways. Almost $49.03 million has been raised for Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. More than $9.38 million has been raised for Hurricane Irma/Maria recovery efforts. Almost $648,000 has been raised for Mexico Earthquake recovery efforts. Almost $296,000 has been designated for where the money is most needed. (These figures have been rounded.)

United Way created the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund, United Way Irma/Maria Recovery Fund and the United Way Worldwide Mexico Earthquake Recovery Fund to support local communities in Texas, Louisiana, the Southeast United States and Caribbean and Mexico. As part of our mission to build stronger communities, and to fight for every person in every community, United Ways in the affected areas will continue to raise money locally and respond to emerging needs as appropriate for their community. United Way’s disaster recovery funds will complement those efforts, help smaller United Ways who may not have the capacity to create their own fund and provide a single clearinghouse for individual and corporate donors who want to impact affected areas.

To learn more and/or donate to any of these funds, or to local funds that have been established by United Ways, please visit United Way Worldwide. Other updates to affected areas, including Puerto Rico, will be shared as more is known.

United Way 2-1-1

Recent natural disasters have resulted in United Way of Connecticut 2-1-1 supporting relief efforts both nationally and in Connecticut. Thanks to support from Connecticut United Ways, including United Way of Southeastern Connecticut, and the State of Connecticut, 2-1-1 Connecticut has provided direct relief, helped coordinate relief efforts and is now working as part of the State's Emergency Management Unified Command response to support those evacuated or displaced by recent and tragic natural disasters.

As part of a national network of 2-1-1's, 2-1-1 Connecticut handled hundreds of calls from people in Texas seeking help with hurricane recovery and worked to connect Texas residents with resources such as food, drinking water and disaster relief information

In response to Hurricane Irma and at the request of United Way Worldwide, Connecticut 2-1-1 assumed the role of resource coordinator for those affected by Irma. A website used by 2-1-1's across the nation to find information and make referrals for Irma victims was immediately created by 2-1-1 Connecticut. To-date, this website has received over 6,000 views and continues to be updated with new information for the benefit of Hurricane Irma victims.

Currently 2-1-1 Connecticut is working with the State of Connecticut's Emergency Operations Center to help provide access to services and community resources to those who have been evacuated or displaced as a result of Hurricane Maria. Support from local United Ways helps 2-1-1 Connecticut respond during times of great need. Local United Ways support 2-1-1 while continuing to invest in persisting challenges within their communities.

Connecticut United Ways stand ready as a system to be responsive to community, statewide and national efforts to supports those struggling, in particular those who have family, friends and loved ones facing hardship in Puerto Rico.

2-1-1 Connecticut will continue to update various eLibrary papers on Harvey, Irma, Maria and the earthquake in Mexico. These papers are available at ( and contain continuously updated information on relief work, ways to help and supports for people impacted by these natural disasters.

2-1-1 Connecticut is a program of United Way of Connecticut. Their work is made possible through support from the State of Connecticut and Connecticut United Ways including your United Way donation.