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Volunteer Spotlight: Nancy, Janet, Maria and Kathy

Nancy, Janet, Maria and Kathy spend Wednesdays volunteering at the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center. We interrupted their shift to ask some questions and share a few laughs.


How did you get started volunteering here at the Food Center?

Nancy: We saw, there was an article in the paper about RSVP program, Retired Senior Volunteers, and they suggested that we come here. We’re not associated with them anymore, but we started out with them, and they had suggested the Gemma E. Moran Food Center. And we’re so glad we did [it]!

Janet: After I retired, I wanted to do something worthwhile with my time, and I’d always known about the food bank. So I looked it up online and it looked good, so I decided to come on in.


What motivates you to give back to the community with United Way?

Nancy: We were brought up right! [laughs]

Maria: Well for me, before I retired I was a teacher, and a lot of the children in my classroom were very hungry, and so I’d always provide breakfast and then an afternoon snack, because I just couldn’t stand that. So that’s one of the reasons I just want to make sure that as much food can get out into the community as possible.


What’s your favorite thing about volunteering at the Food Center?

Janet: I think the comradery. We all get a long really well, we have a good time, and we’re helping others, and I think that’s very important.

Kathy: Yeah, I mean, I look forward to coming here on Wednesdays and I know I’m doing something helpful too.

Nancy: Exactly.


What would you all say to someone who’s thinking of volunteering?

Nancy: Come on down!

Kathy: Yeah, come on in!

Maria: We’d be glad to have you.

Janet: You can never have too many people; it’s a worthwhile cause, it really is.