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Your Role as ECC

As an Employee Campaign Coordinator, you are a United Way ambassador providing education, direction, and leadership.
You educate, convene, and lead.

Make giving personal and meaningful.

  • Be the first to pledge. Then thank those that follow your example.
  • Make it relevant. Ask people about how much they spend on coffee or other small items each week. Would they be willing to donate that money to help change lives through the United Way campaign?
  • Invite questions. Be prepared for questions by being knowledgeable about United Way.

Create specific activities that inspire action.

  • Make the challenge achievable. Asking people to give $2 per week sounds easier than $100 a year.
  • Create a competition. Whether it’s between departments or floors, locations or branches, create a
  • contest to see who raises the most money, has the highest participation rate or signs up the most volunteers.
  • Offer special activities for employees to engage in the campaign or have incentives for participation.
  • Host a campaign rally to create a sense of excitement.

“Not being asked” is one of the top reasons for not giving. Personal contact and a positive attitude are critical to your campaign team’s success.

  • Ask co-workers you know first. Then enlist them to spread the news.
  • Start off with people that already give. Their participation will build momentum.
  • Encourage payroll deduction. It’s easier to give smaller amounts consistently.  

Recognize everyone’s contributions to the campaign, not just their donations.

  • You can’t thank them enough. Say “thank you” when you pick up pledge cards and send emails.
  • Send a CEO communication. Have your CEO send a letter or email to all employees that participated in the campaign.
  • Hold a thank you event. It can be part of a company gathering or an event all its own. Either is a great way to publicly honor participants, highlight results and showcase year-round engagement opportunities.
  • Give certificates of appreciation. United Way staff can provide you with certificates.

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