Community Wellness

A father and son volunteering to help plant healthy produce

OUR GOAL: Individuals improve their health and have access to healthcare.


Community Wellness 'heart' iconLast year we invested more than $1,490,477 in programs that help kids, adults, and seniors to live their fullest, healthiest, and happiest lives. These programs include health and dental clinics, home health care, mental health counseling, preventive health care, rehabilitation, and substance abuse treatment. Our partners provided 37,534 of these services supporting the healthcare needs of our community.

United Way is actively involved in community initiatives like the Eastern Connecticut Health Collaborative (ECHC) to move the needle on Healthy Eating, Active Living, and Child Wellbeing. A diverse group of partners, trained facilitators, and Community Conversations have helped guide this work.

ECHC is part of a Health Enchancement Community through the Connecticut Office of Health Strategy. United Way is a core partner of STRETCH: Strategies to Repair Equity and Transform Community Health. STRETCH engages intermediary organizations, such as local health providers, the faith community, and others to support governmental state public health agencies to achieve health equity and create resilient communities.

With a commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, United Way has pledged to hold ourselves and our partners accountable. As a result, we convened the ECHC members in 2021 to update their goals, which now emphasize a more intentional focus on equitable outcomes for all.

Our Partners in Community Wellness

Partner Programs
Office of Minority Health - Reducing Health Disparities
CDC Health Disparities
Data Across Sectors For Health