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United Way of Southeastern Connecticut
283 Stoddards Wharf Road
P.O. Box 375
Gales Ferry, CT 06335
Main number: 860.464.7281

Virginia L. Mason, President & CEO:  860.464.3311

Liz Chase, Special Assistant to the President & Facilities Coordinator: 860.464.3320

Jill Davoll, Marketing & Communications Director: 860.464.3309

Christina Fleury, Community Engagement Specialist: 860.464.3319

Maggie Marley, Community Engagement Labor Liaison: 860.464.3325

Sarah Dudley McDermott, Community Engagement Director: 860.464.3323

Lindsay Poulos, Project Specialist for New Capacities - Norwich: 860.464.3338

Dina Sears-Graves, Vice President, Community Impact: 860.464.3322

Lamar M. Spruill, Community Engagement & Impact Coordinator: 860.464.3315

Scott Umbel, Community Impact Director: 860.464.3321

Julie Wachtmann, Vice President, Finance & Administration: 860.464.3316

Nadine Wujtewicz, Finance Associate: 860.464.3324

Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Bank
374 Broad Street
New London, CT 06320
Main number: 860.444.8050

Any mail, including financial contributions, should be sent to our mailing address at P.O. Box 375, Gales Ferry, CT 06335

Jennifer Blanco, Feeding Site and Mobile Food Pantry Manager: 860.464.3327

Denise Milette, Inventory Manager: 860.237.3949

Jack Hinds, Senior Warehouse Specialist: 860.237.3951

Mark Higham, Jr., Warehouse Specialist: 860.237.3951

Gemma E. Moran, Director Emeritus: 860.444.8050

Jon Straut, Warehouse Worker: 860.237.3951


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