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Blown Away by the Bus Tour

Yesterday was one of the most eventful and eye-opening days I’ve had here at UWSECT. I went on an Agency Bus Tour, along with some employees from Foxwoods and Zachry Nuclear Engineering. I was a little nervous before the tour because I’ve volunteered in some pretty disorganized and inefficient nonprofits, and, to be honest, I was worried that I might be disappointed by the agencies we work so hard to support (which is really the point of everything we do).

 I was completely wrong.

Responding to Disaster with Compassion… and Cash?

This week, the country continues to watch in distress as the people of Texas and Louisiana struggle with the danger and damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. We’ve all seen the images- highways washed out, rescue boats searching through neighborhoods, nursing home residents waiting patiently for assistance as the water rises around them. It’s easy to feel helpless when you consider a natural disaster of this magnitude, and it can be frustrating to be so geographically far from the issue. How are you and I supposed to make a difference thousands of miles away here in Connecticut?

Feeling down? Volunteering might be the answer

The beginning of fall is a time of transitions- a new school year for kids, a different sleep schedule as the days shorten, a change of wardrobe as the weather cools. I know that for many of my friends, these next few weeks are a whirlwind of relocating to cities, moving into new apartments, starting graduate programs, interviewing for jobs, and trying to make a life on their own. And while transitions can be exciting, they can also be anxiety-inducing.

Learning about the Food Center

In my first few weeks here I kept hearing people talk about ‘the food center’ but I really didn’t understand what they were referring to or how it worked- to me it was just a vague location that people disappeared to sometimes. Then last week I went on a tour of the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center, and I finally understood what all the fuss is about (spoiler alert: it’s a really cool place).

Supporting Students' Ability to Learn

Hey there! My name is Caitlin and I just started at United Way of Southeastern Connecticut last week as a Loaned Employee sponsored by Mohegan Sun. So far, I’ve had a great time learning about the impact of United Way in our community and getting to know the enthusiastic and friendly staff! The office has been busy with all sorts of meetings, events, and visitors, but there’s one project that has really been on my mind.

August means back to school! Here’s how you can help make a difference in students’ academic success

United Way of Southeastern Connecticut believes that all children should have the opportunity for academic success, and that our local schools and teachers should also be supported in that aim. That’s why United Way has created numerous ways in which individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community can work together to support education.

United Way funding available for programs promoting independence

The deadline for this funding opportunity has passed.

United Way of Southeastern Connecticut is requesting proposals to partner in delivering programs that help individuals and/or families living in New London County be financially stable. As part of United Way’s partnership with selected programs, funding will be provided for one year to pursue and accomplish the goals identified by United Way. The maximum award amount is $20,000


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